Please note:  The contracts & agreements below are samples only.  You should consult your attorney before signing any contract or agreement.

A Writer's Collaboration Agreement should be on file
with the WGA before you co-write any project.  After the agreement is executed, send a copy to the WGA's Contracts department.

Standard Writer's Collaboration Agreement

If you do not have representation, simply put TBD in the space where you would list your agent or attorney.

When submitting projects (screenplays, treatments, pitches, etc) to production companies and agents, especially without representation, it is COMMON PRACTICE for them the require a signed release form or submission agreement.  Below are some samples of typical release forms / submission agreements.

Submission Release Form

Submission Agreement


If you discuss a deal over the phone or in a meeting, I recommend YOU, the writer, send over a DEAL MEMO or TERM SHEET to the producer or other party that's hiring you (for instance, if your neighbor wanted to hire you to write a screenplay off his manuscript that's been sitting in the drawer for ten years).  A DEAL MEMO and/or TERM SHEET outlines what was agreed upon in layman's terms so that these can be included in the contract.  Sometimes they are signed and sometimes not, however they are "preparatory" toward the final contract.  It's best for you (or your counsel  / agent) to ensure that all the standard "DEAL POINTS" are covered.  The Term Sheet below is an original (identifying portions redacted) for a low-budget project where I accepted little money up front but took a piece of the film.  Standard Deal Memos would most likely include a purchase price (or minimum figure) and may no deal points to 2%... as in the Deal Memo Sample which is between a novel writer and myself.




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